I’m a photographer based in Egypt and working around the Middle East. Born in Georgia, I studied philosophy and photojournalism at Western Kentucky University I interned and worked at 4 newspapers, including the St. Petersburg Times at their peak. In 2008 I lived in China for a project about Uighur Identity.

In 2010 I came to Egypt, 9 months before the revolution.   While working with some great journalists I was one of the first photographers to enter eastern Libya then I photographed the uprisings in Bahrain for Time magazine, and have worked in Syria twice, on the government and rebel side. While in Egypt I have published several personal projects including one of fancy pigeon portraits, and another on maharaganat music.

For the past 4 years I have edited and mentored photographers for Panorama, a platform for showcasing the best photojournalistic work from the corners of Egypt and issues of interest to the greater Arab world.   

I know Egypt well speak Egyptian Arabic, and call this place home.

Email: David@DavidDegner.com

Phone EG: +20-1067600049

Phone US: +1-646-450-4334

Editorial Publications: Rolling Stone - Der Spiegel - HUCK - Neon - Wall Street Journal - Adbusters - Smithsonian Magazine - TIME Magazine (video)– Newsweek – New Statesman – Businessweek – Le Monde – New York Times Magazine - The Atlantic – The Guardian – The National - Maclean's – NBC – Financial Times Magazine – Corriere della Sera - GEO - Mother Jones - Vice - Daily Telegraph - CBS - Telegraph

Commercial Projects: 
GIZMuCEM Museum, UNHCR, Azza Fahmy, Coca-Cola Foundation, Siemens, Sanofi Pharmaceutical, Sharabati Denim

Find me on: Wonderful Machine / @EverydayMiddleEast / blink.la / instagram / twitter / facebook