Sheikh Fathala

From the album Modern Miracles

Sheikh Fathala is 92 years old and does not move any more, so his daughter carries on his work of teaching the Quran to children and praying with visitors. Sheikh Fathala memorized the Quran when he was seven years old. He became famous for helping people with all kinds of problems and teaching the Quran to the children of Esna al-Deir for many generations. Now his daughter Oum Ziad is in charge of the house.

When people come to pray with the sheikh she will put their hands in his and say a prayer with them. Then she leaves for a minute to fill a plastic baggie with water, say an appropriate ayat from the Quran over it and tell them to drink it. I stayed for a few hours and there were many visitors: a young couple, an older lady, a small group of ladies.