Sonora Texas

This is a collection of photos I made as part of the American Diversity Project's spring break.

George Guerra tries to stay warm as his lunch finishes cooking in the microwave.

Beer is a staple in Texas and is handled with respect by most but it gets the better of some people. "I am an alchoholic, I aint gonna lie," Jaime Gonzales says, "I can drink two cases of beer a day then go to work 2 or 4 days.

Santiago Gonzales stands in front of the house that he built with his own hands, the house where he and his wife raised their children, the house that is now too big for him and his wife in their retirement.

Soyla Coronalo and her cousin listen to music and joke around after school.

Casey La Gato sits on a bag of wool at the Sonora Wool and Mohair Company. The mohair market had a slump two years ago that forced many of the ranchers into meat goats or out of goats entirely.

With school out for the day and only a little light left in the day Ryan Martinez climbs a tree in his back yard and looks towards the hills that surround his house in the Loma Alta Barrio.

Santiago Gonzales and Chico

According to Demitro Castro his parents, including Elida Castro, were one of the first to move into to Loma Alto Barrio when it was just a barren field on the outskirts of Sonora.

Yesenia Gandar watches a movie with her mother Irma while the Loma Alto Barrio settles in for the night.

Thomas Hernandez