Saudi Rehabilitation Jail for Jihadists

From the album Jihadi Rehab

Inmates have a small area with astro-turf to enjoy the sun at the end of each cell block May 11, 2016 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Ha'ir prison is primarily for terrorists, we are told. When talking to human rights activists, however, gives the impression that there are different departments with different standards. Political prisoners sometimes come after Ha'ir, but hardly in the comfortable cells of jihadists have. While the writers were interviewing another inmate under supervision I was able to talk with some inmates alone. They saw many new inmates arrive after the bombing of Shia mosques in the eastern provinces in May 2015 and felt they were arrested randomly. As one inmate said there is always the official story and then the unofficial story which they won't let us see. But he said he couldn't go into details.