Best Egyptian Photographers on Instagram

This post of Egyptian photographers on Instagram is outdated, so I have a few new suggestions. I created a list tilted towards photojournalists and people working on longterm projects.




@hadeermahmoud1 - Always working on an interesting project. (portfolio)

@mohamedmahdyph - Most of the Alexandrian knows his story, His wife drowned in this area years ago, every morning since then no matter the bad weather, he stands in the same spot. People say “he is crying there every morning trying to connect with her” I tried to open conversation with him, he acted confidently normal, I think we will never know how he really feels, but the sea knows.

@narimanelmofty - Constantly bringing in amazing stories from around the Middle East and close to home

@haymanics - Ahemd is the founder of Beit el Sura and has been making interesting portrait series' lately.

@RogerAnis - Roger is posting a steady stream of intimate work from his long term projects. Follow it so you know when to see his larger exhibits and books.

@heba_khamis - Heba started as a photojournalist in Alexandria during the uprising. Now she travels around the world working on interesting projects.

@Sima_Diab - Skilled photojournalist, but follow her feed to find the latest projects that are posted on Mada Masr's Panorama.

@SabryKhaled - Posts the quirky and beautiful of Egypt in between his own personal projects, curatorial projects, and teaching.

@EbrahimElMoly - Ebrahim tries to show the soul and often succeeds.

@Xenia_Nikolskaya_photo - Known for her seminal book "Dust" she is posting work from Egypt, Bahrain, Russia and everywhere else. - Between Alexandria and Pembrokeshire, west Wales. Portraiture and landscape. (portfolio)

@mosaabelshamy - It's really hard to choose a single photo from his body of work.

@AsmaaWaguih - Comfortable in the most difficult conditions

@ChristinaRizk - Christina posts clean classic poetry

@EzzMonem - Ezz is a visual artist who re-imagines Cairo in interesting ways.

@KhalidAblbaih - It ain't photography, it ain't even in Egypt but I like it.

@emanhelal754 - Most recently she has been showing the US and Europe with her own perspective.

@elkamhawi - Deep daily dives

@owiseabuzaid - Cairo born, now NY based

@mohaosam - (portfolio)

@degnerd - My instagram which still includes many photos from Egypt

@ahmedgaaber - From the younger generation with skill that puts fear into us older generation


@alizaraay - You can smell the shisha in his photos

@helrasam - Unique style and stories, just needs to post more of it on instagram

@daniahany_ -

@salihbashier - Also working in Sudan, which will have to be another list

@laura_el_tantawy - Still sends shivers down my spine.


@madoviski007 - Mahmoud Abo Eldahab

@nohazayed - Showing us another side of life in Egypt


@somewhereincairo - 

@hesham.a.elsherif - 

@mryoussefnabil - Unique hand colored pieces of art.


@ahjamal3 - always posting triplicates of something different