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Egypt has been my home since 2010 as I work around the Middle East. I split my time between personal projects, publications, NGOs and companies.

Three of my favorite personal projects include Modern Miracles, Fancy Pigeon Portraits, and Maharaganat Music. While my greatest achievement is editing and mentored photographers for Panorama a platform showcasing the best photojournalistic work from Egypt.

"David did an amazing job on Hepititis C story I'm filled with gratitude for his dedication and talent. I know it's an anachronism but he made page one, top of the fold, a position of honor usually held by breaking news. Thank you!"

-Jessie DeWitt Photo editor at The New York Times

"David covered the Arab Spring for me at The Wall Street Journal and his images graced the cover after the fall of Mubarak. He is a dedicated and capable professional, able to work under any condition and capture the essence of any story. Highly recommended working with him."

- Matthew Craig Photo editor, Photographer and Producer at Blink

"David is a real professional. Excellent effort and understanding of project and a great listener. Worked with my organization more than once in the industrial field and would recommend working with him. "

- محمد أسعد مامللي Sharabati DENIM Marketing Coordinator

Editorial Publications: National GeographicRolling Stone - Der Spiegel - HUCK - Neon - Wall Street Journal - Adbusters - Smithsonian Magazine - TIME Magazine (video)– Newsweek – New Statesman – Businessweek – M Le Monde – New York Times (1 2  3 4 5 6 7 8 9) - NYT Magazine - The Atlantic – The Guardian – The National - Maclean's – NBC – Financial Times Magazine – Corriere della Sera - GEO - Mother Jones - Vice - Daily Telegraph - CBS - Telegraph

Commercial Projects: GIZMuCEM Museum, UNHCR, Azza Fahmy, Coca-Cola Foundation, Sanofi Pharmaceutical, Sharabati Denim

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