I'm currently in a liminal state, working between the US, England, and the Middle East.

I was based in Egypt and and worked around the Middle East. Born in Georgia, I studied philosophy and photojournalism at Western Kentucky University then interned and worked at newspapers, including the St. Petersburg Times. In 2008 I took my savings and I lived in Xinjiang, China working on a project about Uighur Identity.

In 2010 I came to Egypt, 9 months before the revolution. I lived beside Tahrir square, was one of the first photographers to enter eastern Libya, slipped into Bahrain to photograph for Time magazine, and  worked in Syria twice, on the government and rebel side.

Three of my favorite personal projects include modern miraclesfancy pigeon portraits, and maharaganat music.

For the past 5 years I edited and mentored photographers for Panorama, a platform for showcasing the best photojournalistic work from Egypt.  

Email: David@DavidDegner.com

Phone EG: +20-1067600049

Phone US: +1-646-450-4334

Editorial Publications: National Geographic  - Rolling Stone - Der Spiegel - HUCK - Neon - Wall Street Journal - Adbusters - Smithsonian Magazine - TIME Magazine (video)– Newsweek – New Statesman – Businessweek – Le Monde – New York Times Magazine - The Atlantic – The Guardian – The National - Maclean's – NBC – Financial Times Magazine – Corriere della Sera - GEO - Mother Jones - Vice - Daily Telegraph - CBS - Telegraph

Commercial Projects: 
GIZMuCEM Museum, UNHCR, Azza Fahmy, Coca-Cola Foundation, Siemens, Sanofi Pharmaceutical, Sharabati Denim

Find me on: Wonderful Machine / @EverydayMiddleEast / blink.la / instagram / twitter / facebook