Sheikh Ali AlSabat

Sheikh Sabat prays over a boy who has problems sleeping. The procedure was efficient: A consultation, a prayer, and a verse from the Quran written on a sheet of paper. The father should boil the paper into a tea and have the boy drink it for full effect.

Sheikh Sabat said he deals with many kinds of issues, but lately the majority of the problems have been about marriage because, "Men these days get distracted easily and women don't keep themselves looking attractive after marriage." There are three faith healers in Esna al-Dier. Sheikh Fathala is considered the most orthodox, using the Quran and blessed water to heal. Sheikh Sabat uses the Quran to deal with believing djinn, while his brother Sheikh Ali works with disbelieving djinn. The orthodox methods are the least risky but the unorthodox methods can bring faster results.