My Favorite Egyptian Photographers

Protesters and photographers outside the Egyptian Press Syndicate photograph a protester. The second day of protests in downtown Cairo. In the late afternoon, as that protest winded down, a much less organized and more violent protest took place one block away. Police used teargas, guns, and rocks to disperse the protesters who regrouped on Al Galaa, under the 6th of October Bridge. They set fire to tires and placed a temporary roadblock as the police regrouped. When the police advanced, the protesters dispersed into the many alleyways downtown and were reported to continue small skirmishes with riot police.

There has been a surge of high-quality photographers in Egypt, and many share their work on Instagram. I started with a list of 50 Egyptian photographers on Instagram and edited it to 15 with something unique to say about Egypt and the world through their photography. It’s just my opinion, but these are some of the best photographers in Egypt.

Most of these photographers range between editorial photojournalism and artistic photography.

Nariman El-Mofty – Started covering the revolution in Egypt and now works around the Middle East for the AP winning Pulitzer Prizes. ( website 

Youssef Nabil – Posts unique hand-painted nostalgia. I love when one of his photos pops up in my feed. ( website )

Sima Diab – Photographer, showing us life in Cairo and Beirut, often works with international papers and magazines. ( website 

Laura El-Tantawy – Artist and bookmaker who puts emotion into each photo. ( website )

Salih Bashier – Works between Sudan and Cairo, especially his recent work on the Sudanese revolution. 

Dania Hany – Film and ghostly images show another side of Egypt. ( website 

Asmaa Waguih – One of the hardest working photojournalists based between Istanbul and Egypt but bouncing around to war zones around the Middle East, represented by Redux. ( website 

Eman Helal – The unique and indomitable documentary work from one of Egypt’s best. ( website )

Fatmah Fahmy – A freelance visual storyteller who blurs the lines between art photography and editorial photography. ( website )

Ahmed Jamal – Posts interesting triptych, sometimes reimagining and sometimes reinforcing the visual cliches of Cairo. 

Ahmed Gaber – Shoots gritty images of everyday life in Egypt. Now based in New York City.

Hesham Elsherif – Unique photos of everyday life in Cairo and its rural areas.

Sabry Khaled – Photographer, filmmaker, teacher curator, now in Berlin. ( website 

Roger Anis – A storyteller who is often working in Upper Egypt and finds unique stories. ( website 

Ezz Monem – Not your traditional photographer. Ezz splits his time between software developer and artist, now based in Australia. ( website )

Christina Rizk – Has a clean and crisp style and works between Egypt and Germany. ( website )

Amr Alfiky – Great Egyptian photojournalist now based in Dubai 

Other Egyptian Photographer Instagramers I love

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