Adventure Photography

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Adventure Photography

Most of my commercial photography is in New York, but sometimes my athletic and adventure photography takes me around the world. This is a collection of adventure photography, mainly for iFit.

Commercial photography for an exercise company.
Boston Portrait Photographer: Kat Gregor

Studio · Location · Enviromental

Storytelling Portraits

Many companies and academic institutions around New York need a portrait photographer. I can work on location, or in my photo studio. I use local knowledge, experience, and technical flexibility to create storytelling portraits in any situation.

Photo of researcher

Research · Science · Software · Medicine

Research & Science Photography

In New York, I’ve worked with several science-based companies to tell the stories of how their work has an impact on the world. Sometimes I photograph in their labs and offices, but I love to go meet the end-users and show how research changes lives.

Education · Entrepreneurship · Storytelling

Video Production

I love the challenge of interviewing researchers and streamlining their ideas into a short video to make them accessible. I also produce video advertisements and raw footage for social media posts.

Industrial Photography inside a factory to show their process for internal communications.
Industrial Photography inside a factory to show their process for internal communications.

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Industrial Photography

When industrial photography clients in New York and New England call, the first thing we do is define their goals. I enjoy interpreting their manufacturing processes into clean and professional photos. Usually, I work with them to make a library of pictures for future advertisements and social media posts.

Commercial Photographer In New York City & Boston

I love working with institutions as a commercial photographer in New York and Boston. I create meaningful advertising photos that connect because they tell real stories.

In New York, a significant portion of my commercial photography is with academic institutions and local companies. The projects can be as simple as a few portraits for public relations handouts or entire libraries of photos. I also produce short videos.

My specialty is international photography, especially in the Middle East. I’ve been able to work with several pharmaceutical companies to tell their stories worldwide. These situations often require sensitivity and language skills that I learned from years of working with people outside the studio.

Corporate photography projects can include creating a single “hero” image or a library of hundreds of photographs that companies can use with internal and external communications. If you know your photography needs, I’d love to discuss how to fit your vision into your budget.

Commercial photography is priced based on three factors, the number of images, usage rights, and complexity of the photo shoot.