Industrial photography of a textile factory by the manufacturing photographer, David Degner.

Industrial Photographer

As an industrial photographer, I work with companies to tell the stories of their creations. The best compliment I receive is that almost all of my commercial clients are repeat clients. I have photographed in denim factories, pharmaceutical factories, air conditioner assembly lines, quality control labs, steel forges, wire production, jewelry workshops and many more.

Before starting, we discuss your product and brand’s unique features. I then work to capture intricate details and highlight specific selling points so the photos will connect with your clients.

Even the best-run factories and workshops can show signs of wear, and have their quirks. I use a variety of photographic tools to show them at their best. I want to convey the expertise and detail-oriented nature of the whole manufacturing system and to highlight your machinery, workers, and products as you tell the distinctive story of your industrial process.

Four digesters ballon with methane at a farm in Vermont. Part of the industrial photography of Vanguard Renewables facilities.
Portrait of John Hanselman, Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Vanguard Renewables
Dairy cows at Barstow’s Longview Farm.
L'Oreal factory in Egypt 10 Ramadan
Factory Assembly Line
L'Oreal factory in Egypt 10 Ramadan

When L’Oreal opened a factory in Egypt, we worked together to create a library of images for their internal communications. The photos highlighted their local workforce at all levels of the process.

Sharabati Denim is one of the largest Denim manufacturers in the world. I’ve worked with them several times to make libraries of photographs and videos that they have used for many years in advertising and social media.

Azza Fahmy needed photos of their craftsmanship for an advertising campaign. I helped create a select few images that highlight the detailed work in each piece.