Video Production

For over a decade, I have integrated video into journalistic stories and commercial projects.

My kit revolves around high-quality Zeiss lenses and Sennheiser/Cos-11d mics with Sony cameras. It allows me to work quickly and be less intrusive so I can get more natural shots while still shooting 4:2:2 4K s-log3 (or whatever the client needs).

Brain Reader

Sirma Orguc is a computational neuroscientist who investigates the brain’s “black box” to understand its function. She is an MIT alumna and currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT. Orguc collaborates with researchers and medical professionals to decode brain data and advance medical technology. – by InShort Media

The True Cost Of The Green Crab Invasion And How Whiskey Can Help

Green crabs have been turned into whiskey. It’s not just a gimmick, but an attempt to turn back an invasive species. I was DP for the video shot in and around the distillery.

CBS Morning News: Nefertiti’s tomb hiding behind King Tut’s?

One of the first packages I shot for CBS Morning News. It was a story about King Tut’s tomb in Luxor, Egypt, with a great direction from Alex Ortiz. My favorite part was waking up early to ride a hot air ballon over the Nile to get a sunrise shot.

Inside the US Factory Making Ukraine’s Most Important Ammo

The US has sent Ukraine millions of 155mm rounds since the war started, including cluster bombs. But there’s a global shortage of 155 shells, and some are afraid that the US is depleting its stockpile. We visited the Scranton Ammunition Plant to see how common shells are made.

Bloomberg: Unravelling Long Covid

Video on long covid for Bloomberg. I filmed the scenes in the researcher’s office at MGH starting at 6:45.

MIT: Unified Flight

I filmed this promo for the MIT School of Engineering with My favorite part was attaching a small camera to one of the planes they built. – by InShort Media

MIT: Energizing The World

MIT senior, Ayomikun (Ayo) Ayodeji, is a force of nature and an active community builder. After graduating with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Management, he aims to improve electricity access for communities back home in Nigeria and across the African continent. – by InShort Media

Behind The Scenes of a Contact Tracing Study

As we entered the pandemic, I shot and edited this piece for a research study at MIT.

Self-Supervised Correspondence in Visuomotor Policy Learning

A video I fully produced and edited about robot research at MIT.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

MIT Engineering students are getting onboard with real-world onboard solutions to climate change. They are designing a new reusable, recyclable cup for Delta under the guidance of Chemical Engineering Professor Brad Olsen and Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Desiree Plata.

How MIT OpenCourseWare Helped Air Force Veteran Soar

Since she was little, MIT AeroAstro Ph.D. student Andrea Henshall has been reaching for the stars. A retired Major in the U.S. Air Force, Andrea has used MIT’s free open learning resources, OpenCourseWare (OCW) and MITx, throughout her career to excel in her academic studies. – by InShort Media

Building Solutions in Carbon Capture & Storage

A video about MCSC’s work in its carbon capture & storage – By InShort Medial

Fernanda De La Torre’s journey to MIT

A profile of a student in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Produced by InShort Media.

David was great to work with. He checked off all the boxes on our shot list, communicated well, and delivered the assets quickly. I’d highly recommend him!

Rosalie e’Silva [Bloomberg QuickTake]

David was great! Went above and beyond to capture the b-roll. I would definitely recommend him!

Kevin Reilly [Business Insider]