• The Old Man & The Tree

    Just outside of Boston, I photographed the last stands of old-growth forest in New England, home to many of the tallest trees in the North East. Published in Smithsonian Magazine.

  • Show of Force

    Infrared was originally developed to reveal the presence of military positions in conflict zones. In this ongoing series, I use infrared film to highlight the growing militarization of American civic life.

  • Fancy Pigeons

    In American cities, pigeons are rats with wings. In Cairo, they are an art form.

  • Uighur Identity in Xinjiang

    In recent years, the world learned of China’s vast system of Uighur control and detention in Xinjiang. In 2008, I spent a year documenting life in Xinjiang as these policies were only in their infancy.

  • Modern Miracles

    Over the course of five years, I set out to photograph the spaces where the spiritual meets the tactile world. Published by National Geographic and the subject of two solo exhibitions.

  • Syrian Revolution

    During the Syrian revolution, only a handful of photojournalists received visas to report from the government-held territory. On several trips, I photographed the front lines of both the government and rebel sides.

Boston Photographer

As a Boston-based photographer, I tell people’s stories truthfully, with curiosity and respect. I lived in North Africa and the Middle East for almost ten years, photographing culture, politics, and war for global magazines and newspapers. In 2020, I moved to Boston to photograph this dynamic moment in the US.

I also enjoy photographing for publications, companies, and other institutions to tell their stories. Most of my commercial photography is around New England, but I have been commissioned for projects worldwide.

I use a broad set of skills in my photography, including drone photography, video production, portraiture, and infrared photography. However, the most critical skills are still the journalistic basics of getting closer, listening carefully, and witnessing.

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  • In Progress: A birds-eye view

    This project is in its infancy, and I don’t know where it will go, but I’m having a lot of fun.

  • Outside my Camera Bag

    Inspired by Amanda Mustard’s list of helpful tools, I compiled my list of things that make my life easier as a freelance photojournalist.

  • What to wear for a portrait?

    Wear clothes that make you comfortable. Wear clothes that help you feel confident walking into a room of strangers or highlighting a part of your personality.

Great Boston Photographers

These photographers have their specialties in portrait photographycommercial photography, breaking news, or in-depth photo stories, but they are all photojournalists. I started with a list of about 50 editorial photographers and narrowed it down to a few of my colleagues that I enjoy the most. If you want to be added to the list, please email me.

  • Jesse Burke

    I haven’t met Jesse Burke yet, but he lives in Rhode Island and is a contemporary photographer known for his environmental art, portraiture, and landscape photography. His works show interactions with nature, integrating human subjectivity to facilitate discussions about environmental protection. You may also catch a glimpse into their home life on Sweet Bean Farm…

  • OJ Slaughter

    OJ’s work doesn’t fit into the traditional editorial photographymold, but their photos make a statement about the world today. ( https://www.ojslaughter.com )

  • Rania Matar

    Rania Matar is an exceptional photographer, renowned for her exploration of the personal and collective identity of women and girls in her work. With Lebanese-American roots, she operates in both the United States and the Middle East. ( https://raniamatar.com )