Boston & NYC Photographer

An infrared photo from downtown Boston showing a pink Humvee parked in a cab stand spot.
Show of Force
Portraits of the Jake Swamp tree in Charlemont, Massachusetts
Old Growth Forests

As a photographer, I work to tell these stories truthfully, with curiosity and respect. I covered North Africa and the Middle East for nearly a decade, photographing culture, politics, and revolution. In 2020, I returned to Boston to photograph this dynamic period in the United States.

My time is divided between personal projects, editorial photography, and commercial photography. Most of my work is in New England & New York, but I have also been commissioned for projects worldwide.

I employ a diverse set of skills in my photography, such as drone photography, video production, portraiture, infrared photography and attaching cameras to pigeons. However, the most essential skills remain the journalistic fundamentals of getting close, listening attentively, and bearing witness.

An archeologist holds a lucky stone that has been worn down by handling and wrapped in leather.
Modern Miracles
Portrait of Larry Summers at his home in Brookline
Photo story about Las Vegas wedding chapels for the New York Times.
Vegas in the Time of Covid
Safety gear hangs beside the manure separator.
Manure Into Money
Portrait of Dana Small at the Modern Diet and Physiology Research Center
The Controversy Around Artificial Sweeteners
In a house on the border of Baba Amr, Homs bullet holes riddle the walls and furniture. Blocks of the city were abandoned and most shops were closed.
The Syrian Revolution from Both Sides
People at a stand selling watermelons in the Urumqi Bazar in Xinjiang.
Uighur Identity in Xinjiang
Portrait of a fancy pigeon in Cairo, Egypt.
Pigeon Portraits

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