I Built A Keyword App

Update: Since writing this app in 2020 a lot has changed. AI has made great strides, Clarifai and AWS AI have changed APIs etc. So this probably doesn’t work anymore. But I am tempted to update it someday.

Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in the past year, to where it is becoming just another commodity rented out by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tencent, and small players. All of these competitors are trying to create AI that can accurately describe what is in a photo.

So out of curiosity and a drive for efficiency (laziness) I hacked together a python program that uses these services to suggest keywords for our photos as we are archiving.

Sourcode here: GitHub

Watch this youtube video to see how it works:


  1. Sign up to Amazon AWS and Clarifai. Both have free tiers that are enough for most individuals.
  2. Create an Amazon S3 Bucket
  3. Setup Photo Mechanic to upload photos to that S3 bucket
  4. Setup Keywords to read the S3 on Amazon AWS
  5. Use the Keywords App beside Photo Mechanic

* This code is distributed as a simple proof of concept, while it might be useful there is absolutely no warranty implied