Short Story: A Cat with Wings

Cat with WingsThis photo is from Bulaq in Cairo but it reminds me of my first attempt to track down a miracle in Ismailia: My search for the cat starts with a YouTube video titled “Miracle, flying cat seen in Egypt.” I click on it and there is a white cat with wings on the table of a simple home in Ismailia. The father stretches out the cat’s wings and turns it around, so the journalist can get a better view. The family says the cat landed on their balcony and that, “It is a sign from God,” especially as its arrival coincides with Sisi’s rise to power. Visit to see the video and read the full story.

It started with a YouTube video titled “Miracle, flying cat seen in Egypt”. In it and there is a white cat with wings on the table of a simple home in Ismailia. The father stretches out the cat’s wings and turns it around so the journalist can get a better view. The family tells the story of how the cat landed on their balcony. Someone says “It is a sign from God,” especially as its landing coincided Sisi’s rise to power.

The journalist who originally reported on the cat said he would take me to meet the family, but stops answering his phone. So I start to search with the three facts I can glean from the video: The father’s name is Ibrahim Naseem, he lives in a neighborhood called Salam, and he is a Christian.

I start my quest early in the morning, going from church to church and asking for Ibrahim. Since there are 5 churches in the neighborhood I assume I will eventually find him. At each church people try to be helpful, but none of them had heard of Ibrahim Naseem or his winged cat.

By 3pm I find the last church and I duck inside. The security guards wave me over and ask what I want. I tell them I am looking for Ibrahim and a winged cat. I get excited when they say “come with us”, and we start walking. We walk all the way to the district police station.

In the station I am asked to share the same story of my search for a winged cat to a series of low level policemen until I am passed up to the head officer. I am lead into an air conditioned office and told to wait my turn because there is already a fat sweaty man standing at attention in front of the officer's desk wearing only white underwear. He is being yelled at about something to do with drugs. My best guess was brought up from a holding cell for one last scolding before being released.

The naked man is ushered out and I am invited to have a seat and share my story of miraculous cats with the police chief of the district. I expect some sort of reaction but the officer doesn’t even blink. He asks to look at the photos on my camera and tells me to wait a little longer outside, as if this is a normal occurrence.

I am taken out and another man is brought in. My short wait turns into 2 hours in a office with low level police who were filling out reports, drinking coffee and organizing a drawer full of cell phones. I’m bored so I ask them about the cat with wings, and while these are the state’s eyes and ears on the ground none of them have heard of such a thing in their district.

I’m not under arrest, but I’m not allowed to go, and no one will tell me what I am waiting for. I keep in contact with a few colleagues just in case I am disappeared down to one of the holding cells. Eventually a dapper looking member of State Security walks in and introduced himself in perfect english.

He pulls out a pen and a pad of paper and starts interviewing me about my search and taking notes for an addition to my security file.

I am released and walk back to the last church. A deacon who knew everyone said he didn’t know any Ibrahim Naseem and assured me that I had visited all the churches in the area. So I trudged back to my hotel defeated.

The next morning, as I take a taxi to the bus station relate this whole story to my driver. He surprises me by saying that I forgot to visit the one small evangelical church, a minority sect of a minority religion. We happen to be near the offices of one of their prominent business members so he drops me off in front of a tire store.

Inside I ask for Ibrahim Naseem and the owner puts me on the back of a motorcycle and tells his shop boy to drive me back into the neighborhood.

Within 15 minutes, after a few false starts, I meet the neighbor of Ibrahim, who confirms the cat with wings. But, Ibrahim is at work on the other side of the city so I take his phone number and call him. It was a short and sad conversation over a bad connection. But he tells me how that the moment of jubilation at the sign from God had turned into doubt and eventually they questioned if the cat came from God, or the devil.

So they cut off the cat’s wings, and the cat ran away, lost somewhere, walking through the streets of Ismailia.