Sharon Reardon lights a second lantern for super as Julie Stravato looks on. Power was cut to much of Jamestown around 10:45 in the morning and did not return until the evening so the neighborhood shared supplies. One neighbor had a generator, one had a solar water heater, and the Reardon’s provided buckets of water from their pool for flushing. (Photo by David Degner/The Washington Post)

Hurricane Henri to Tropical Storm Henri

As Hurricane Henri approached New England the Washington Post put me on to cover it’s landfall. We had one photographer embedding with the Coast Guard on Cape Cod and another on Long Island.

Christine and James Wood watch the weather news as waves buffet Easton’s beach outside their window on August 22, 2021 in Newport, Rhode Island.

I was assigned to show the storms effects on Southern New England. So I based myself in Newport, Rhode Island with the writer Julianne McShane.

People watch the waves come in at Easton’s Beach in the early morning in Newport, Rhode Island. Rain and wind from the Henri started hitting Newport in the early morning but were strongest in the middle of the day.
A boat is harbored in Goose Neck Cove in Newport, Rhode Island.
Bernice Kubicek, and Matt Finley, of Iowa, watch the waves at Easton’s Beach.
A member of the American Red Cross watches the storm at an evacuation center set up in J.H. Gaudet Middle School.
Many limbs and leaves were brought down by the winds from Henri on August 22, 2021 in Newport, Rhode Island.
At least 8 boats broke from their moorings and ran ashore on in Jamestown, Rhode Island.
François Elmaleh and his son Alerren Elmaleh surf in the shallows of Easton’s Beach on August 22, 2021 in Newport, Rhode Island.